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Going digital is probably one of the best decisions that a business can take. This becomes all the more critical when we have to deal with uncertain and extreme situations like that of the pandemic. It is here that the concept of digital transformation comes into play. Today, we get to see a lot of organizations making their way into transforming their businesses by adopting and integrating digital technologies and services to proceed with their operations. The pandemic has paved the way for us to revisit the digital transformation efforts and strategies in place. All this is to be taken into account without compromising on the needs of the customers. On that note, organizations have relentlessly shifted their gears to adopt the very concept of Autonomous Digital Enterprise (ADE) through which the organizations can evolve into Autonomous Digital Enterprises.

First things first – What is ADE? Simply put, Autonomous Digital Enterprise (ADE) is a growth-oriented enterprise that aims at delivering value in solutions and enabling greater agility as well as flexibility of operations. In addition to focusing on the customer experience, ADE pays equal attention to the feedback provided to be able to incorporate actionable insights on the basis of that feedback.

Yes, automation and digital transformation are ruling the world, without a doubt. But, what is it that makes ADE so much in demand? Considering the fact that the pandemic has led to a drastic switch in the work culture – from the in-person work culture to the remote culture, the adoption of virtual conferences using the cloud infrastructure data sharing capabilities comes as no big a surprise. It has been over a year and a half now since the pandemic had struck yet the demand for virtual communication and collaboration continues to rise. This has further resulted in the organizations making room for reinventing their IT teams and infrastructure management. In a nutshell, the rapid switch in the work culture has been a driver for accelerated business transformation. The need to sustain and move towards success has been one of the prime reasons why the organizations are nowhere behind when it comes to becoming an ADE.

An ADE is an excellent way to ensure that the balance between employees and customers is always maintained – by making sure that the employees are engaged and customers tended to. What happens here is – such an organization can very well harness automation and apply intelligence just the way it is required in order to achieve both goals – build growth with customer-centric strategies as well as employ actionable insights that make it a lot easier to achieve success.

Throwing light on the advantages that follow – Well, there is not one, not two but many advantages associated with automation. Some of the main areas that one can achieve by exploiting automation are – the execution process is done with fewer errors, the organizations will not have to pay hefty amounts as the costs incurred would be significantly lower in the days ahead, the employees now have less stress to deal with as they no longer have to stress around mundane tasks and also the customer interaction is enhanced and taken to a different level altogether. All in all, the benefits that ADE would reap in are many!

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