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Batteries-Included Workflow Orchestration Tool: Flyte

Editor’s note: The authors are speaking at ODSC West 2021. Be sure to check out their talk, “Deep Dive into Flyte,” there!Machine learning (ML) has been deployed in the industry for over a few decades, but the tooling to support researchers and engineers in...

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OpenAI GPT-3: Everything You Need to Know

OpenAI’s latest model has gone viral again. Much like its predecessor, there is no stopping to the buzz that OpenAI’s latest model GPT-3 is creating around the internet. As experts praise the model for its intuitive capabilities which range from writing...

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A decade in deep learning, and what’s next

A decade later, as an early employee at Google, I became reacquainted with machine learning when the company was still just a startup. In 2001 we used a simpler version of machine learning, statistical ML, to detect spam and suggest better spellings for...

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Big Data Analytics Trends: a Quick Guide

16 November 2021The year 2021 breaks the all-time high of generated data per year – the jaw-dropping amount of 74 zettabytes. The information is flowing from 35 billion IoT devices, 6.3 billion smartphones, and other gadgets. This avalanche of new information...

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Python to the Rescue

I’m evaluating whether or not I should move this blog to another CMS platform so I can start building a community around it like it was before. Right now this blog runs on Hugo and AWS Amplify and it’s freaking awesome. I push new posts to GitHub, AWS pulls the...

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