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by Aratrika Dutta

August 21, 2021

Presenting a list of top sport analytics start-ups in 2021

Sports analytics is not something new, the practice of sports analytics has been around for decades. Because of recent developments in technology, the process of data collection and management, the scope of sports analytics has expanded. The use of data, big data, and statistics has become prolific throughout most major sports.

Companies evolve with time due to changes in the market or due to the advent of technology. New companies with new trends emerge because of the growth of modern technology, thereby presenting a list of top sport analytics start-ups in 2021.



Sportradar is a leading global supplier of sports betting and sports entertainment products and services. The company was established in 2001 and occupies a unique position at the intersection of the sports, media, and betting industries, providing sports federations, news media, consumer platforms, and sports betting operators with a range of solutions to help grow their business. NBA, NHL, MLB, NASCAR, and UEFA are the official partners of the company.



The company was founded in 2011. It is a US-based company that provides a smart wearable device for physical activities monitoring. The WHOOP device collects physiological data 24/7 to provide the most accurate and granular understanding of your body.

It optimizes the way you recover, train, and sleep with daily reporting on mobile and desktop apps and knows how hard to work with the all-new strain coach. It helps you to discover how much sleep you need and how you can align it to your circadian rhythm using the ‘Sleep Coach’. The platform provides its smartphone app for analytics and reporting.


Kitman Labs

The company was founded in 2012 as a sports analytics company that emphasizes athlete performance and injury management. It supplies software products that assist professional athletes in assuming and managing and also reducing the risk of their injury. The platform provides predictive algorithms linked to the athlete’s medical records and explores key indicators of risk.



The company was established in 2006. Hudl builds the most powerful and flexible tools for video analysis. Its products include online tools, mobile and desktop apps, smart cameras, analytics, and more. Products supplied by the company enables coaches to upload footage of games, practices, and opponents, break the video down, add telestration or voice or text feedback, and deliver the video and training notes to their athletes. Hudl also enables athletes to create highlight reels and promote themselves to recruiters.



The company was established in 2010 and was formerly known as AlpineReplay. It helps in

recording games and editing films that are complicated, time-consuming, and expensive. Trace Soccer captures the match footage, generates tactical playlists, and delivers each player’s moments directly to their inboxes after each game. Trace is the most affordable way to have your film crew, editing team, and video analysis staff at your fingertips. Trace uses a robot camera and GPS sensors to film soccer games. It also sends personalized moments to every player automatically. A team can expect Trace Game Results in their inbox within 14-16 hours from walking off the field. Trace then provides players with tools to organize and share their best moments.



Kinduct was founded in 2010 and spent its early years in the healthcare industry, focused on educating and engaging patients through patient-centric 3D medical animations and rehab programming. These trends were also found in human performance and elite sport environments, but the data was largely isolated and inaccessible. For Kinduct, this was an opportunity. To identify an increased risk of injury and optimize performance standing as its pillars, the company shifted its focus toward data consolidation and organically grew into what it is now: a world-leading human performance platform. Today, Kinduct proudly serves over 550 teams and organizations across the globe.


Catapult Sports

Catapult is a public athlete analytics company that exists to build and improve the performance of athletes and teams at all levels of the sport. The company was originally formed from a partnership between the Australian Institute of Sport (AIS) and the Cooperative Research Centres (CRC) to maximize the performance of Australian athletes ahead of the Sydney Olympics, Catapult was officially founded in Melbourne in 2006. Today, the business is listed on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX: CAT) and has over 340+ staff across 30 locations, working with more than 2970 teams in 39 sports.

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