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Python pip Tips for Data Scientists – Predictive Hacks

[ad_1] Data Scientists use to work with Anaconda Environments and for installing packages they use to run the “conda” commands. However, apart from conda there is the “pip” package manager that is still the most popular. Although these two package managers are very...

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Whiskey Advocate

[ad_1] GitHub|LinkedIn BACKGROUND AND INSPIRATION Over the years, I’ve tasted a very limited selection of whiskies, and they have tended to be the usual common brands such as Johnnie Walker and Glenlivet. I've always wondered, is there a strong relationship between...

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Moving From TensorFlow To PyTorch – neptune.ai

[ad_1] The concept of Deep Learning frameworks, libraries, and numerous tools exist to reduce the large amounts of manual computations that must otherwise be calculated. TensorFlow and PyTorch are currently two of the most popular frameworks to construct neural...

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What is Business Process Automation? | BPA

[ad_1] Business Process Automation (BPA) is the use of advanced technologies to automate business processes beyond simple data entry, storage, and manipulation.Automation is not really a new concept. In ancient Greece, automatons were used as toys, fountains,...

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OOPs Concepts in Python – Great Learning

[ad_1] Python Programming Language on server room background. Programing workflow abstract algorithm concept on virtual screen. Object-Oriented Programming (OOP), is tied in with making “objects”. An object is a gathering of interrelated factors and capacities. These...

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