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Analytics Insight explores top emerging cybercrime trends to get prepared for in 2021

The outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic has forced the world to shift to the digital model with support from the trend of digital transformation through smart devices and internet connections. There are constant advancements in cutting-edge technologies to boost productivity, especially in this unprecedented time. But this is leading to the increase in cybercrimes at a rapid pace. Cybercriminals are also advancing their techniques to enter the systems for ransomware, phishing, blackmailing, etc. They are innovating creative ways for cyberattacks on companies to steal confidential data efficiently without getting noticed. Data breach in cybercrimes happens when cybercriminals bypass outdated cybersecurity measures of a company. Thus, companies have to be aware of the emerging cybercrime trends to defense against these malicious hackers.


Top emerging cybercrime trends to be prepared for in 2021

Vaccine-related Phishing

Phishing is one of the common techniques for cybercriminals to steal confidential and personal data like debit/credit card details, login credentials, email id and many more. Malicious hackers act as authentic and trusted entities with valid promises to instigate victims to follow their orders. Due to the ongoing pandemic and the need for vaccination, these cybercriminals have started vaccine-related phishing to innocent victims. This has become of the top emerging cybercrime trends in 2021— instigating victims to provide access to personal information through emails and calls with a promise to provide vaccine in the nearby future or email links to learn about health advice, precautions, or change in work-from-home policies.


Ransomware Attacks

There is a sudden increase in the number of ransomware attacks in different companies across the world, especially in the 2020-2021 season of the COVID-19 pandemic. Since the world is working from home instead of workplaces, there is a huge supply of real-time data, both confidential and personal. It has become of the biggest cyberattacks in 2021 and a popular cybercrime trend. Some companies decided to pay back millions of dollars to these malicious hackers to release the confidential data while other companies had to deal with encrypted data. These hackers have auctioned this data to other cybercriminal groups on their dark websites.


Blend of AI and IoT with 5G

Advancements in cutting-edge technologies are leading to a data-driven culture with a huge data explosion. The more the world uses these devices, the more opportunities for cybercriminals to attack. The blend of AI and IoT devices with the 5G network has promised to ease the life of society through smart devices in smart homes. But this is a call for cybercriminals to get attracted and steal more data possible. There is no guarantee that these devices can fully protect from a data breach in cybercrimes. AI can prevent criminal activities in a city but when any device is connected to the Internet, it is a hack-prone zone. Thus, Industry 4.0 and the launch of the 5G tend to be the top emerging cybercrime trends in 2021 and the nearby future.


Fake Emails with Fake URLs

Cybersecurity for cybercrimes should be top-notch from companies’ as well as employees’ points of view. One of the top cybercrime trends is sending fake emails with fake URLs inside to catch victims to take away their personal details. Companies receive different kinds of emails while employees receive other kinds like winning lotteries, health insurance, and many more. There can be emotional requests to send some money to a particular account for urgent medical help. Thus, these are new ways for data breaches in cybercrimes in these recent years.


Cyberattacks on Cloud-based Computing

Companies have started adopting Cloud-based computing systems to store sufficient data, provide access to software applications and offer efficient services through the Internet. But cybercriminals have identified this new space to become a target of a data breach in cybercrimes. Thus, cyberattacks on Cloud-based computing are an emerging cybercrime trend in 2021 to exploit vulnerabilities and loopholes with their out-of-the-box techniques.

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