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These AR developer tools are mandatory to explore

AR and VR technology is exploding like never before. It is also expected to reach about US $72.8 billion by 2024. AR has been extensively used in all the industries such as manufacturing, education, healthcare, marketing, and fashion. And so, this in turn also demands AR developers to have a strong grip over AR developer tools in order to meet the demand of the present-day and future. Here are the best 10 AR developer tools that all developers must know.


1 ARkit

Apple’s ARkit is one of the AR developers’ tools that is used by the iOS developers to build mobile AR apps and games for iPhones, iPads, and other Apple devices. This AR developer tool identifies the dimensions of the surrounding environment and also adjusts light accordingly using visual-inertial odometry technology. This tool allows the creation of immersive multiplayer AR games and also detects objects and people using facial tracking. ARkit supports only Apple users and is free for its users.


2 echoAR

ecoAR is one of the AR developers’ tools that provide a server-side infrastructure to aid developers and companies to build and deploy 3D apps and content. It is a cloud platform for AR and VR. echoAR has features such as flexible cloud infrastructure, a fast content delivery network, and intuitive content management and systems. It supports the AR developer to build AR and VR backend apps. It is a free platform that can be used by all developers.


3 Unity

Unity is one of the popular AR developer tools that is used to create games like Pokemon Go, Hearthstone, and Rimworld. It has C#scripting API, built-in Visual Studio integration, and tools of animation, this AR developer tool becomes a great choice for all game developers. It is free for all developers.


4 Vuforia

Vuforia is one of the popular AR developer tools for AR SDK. This tool deploys computer vision technology to recognize and track 3D objects in real-time. It helps developers to create both marker-based and markerless AR experiences which are unique to the platform. This is offered for free and is part of paid subscriptions.


5 Wikitude

Wikitude is one of the flexible AR developer tools through which the developers can customize solutions and retrieve 3D objects from the third-party SDKs through its platform. The features of this platform are it supports navigation, distance-based scaling, and localization. Whilitude can be used by Android users, iOS, and Windows for tablets users. It too has a paid subscription plan.


6 Spark AR Studio

Spark AR Studio is an AR developer tool that is owned by Facebook for Mac and Windows for creating AR effects for mobile cameras. This AR tool platform is designed for both developers and non-developers. It allows the developers to add animations, share AR effects using Facebook and Instagram and import personalized 3D objects.


7 8th Wall

8th Wall has tools to create WebAR experiences that are optimized for the browser. It has features such as face effects, images targets, world tracking and allows for source code control through a cloud editor. 8th Wall is one of the AR developer tools that has a free 14-day trial after which it asks for a paid subscription.

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