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Hi, Everyone; We hope you all are safe in this pandemic. Today, In this post, We’re going to share a handpicked list of 70+ tutorials. These tutorials will take you through the various examples of how to implement, create and add anything in your Android App using Jetpack Compose. Don’t forget to share this post with your friends because we continuously update this article.

These tutorials include step-by-step explanations of things like Animations, Layouts, Effects, Views, Buttons, and other essential stuff like Pagination, Progress bar, LazyColumn, and Lazy Rows (Recycler View), Custom shapes, Navigation drawer, Alert dialog, Padding, Text fields, and more.

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Let’s dive into the list of tutorials and learn Jetpack Compose from the below-given links:

70+ Jetpack Compose Tutorials for Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced Android Developers are

General Tutorials:

👉 How to Create Vertical Recycler View (LazyColumn in Compose) as shown below in a Ease Way with Jetpack Compose – DemoTutorial and Code 
How to Create Recycler View in Jetpack Compose
👉 How to Implement Shared Element Transition in Jetpack Compose –Demo and Code
👉 How to Implement Neumorphism UI as shown below on Android with Jetpack Compose – Demo and Code
Neumorphism UI using Jetpack Compose on Android
Progress Button using Jetpack Compose
Navigation Drawer using Jetpack Compose
👉 How to Create Bottom Navigation Bar with Jetpack Compose –Demo and Code
👉 How to Make a View Zoomable using Compose – Demo and Source Code 
Snackbar using Jetpack Compose
👉 Image View in Jetpack Compose – Demo and Code
👉 Tab Bar in Compose – Code
👉 How to Create Horizontal Recycler View (LazyRow in Compose) in a Ease Way with Jetpack Compose – Demo and Code
👉 How to Create Linear and Discrete Slider in Compose – Code
👉 How to Draw on Canvas – Demo and Code
👉 How to Create and Use Circular and Linear Progress Bar in Compose – Code
👉 How to Create a TextField with Jetpack Compose – Demo and Code
👉 How to Create a Card using jetpack Compose – Demo and Code
👉 How to Create Custom View in Jetpack Compose – Code
👉 How to Create Checkboxes with Jetpack Compose – Demo and Code
👉 Divider in Compose – Code
👉 How to Add Doom Fire Effect on Android using Jetpack Compose –Demo and Code
👉 How to Display Text using Compose – Code
👉 How to Implement a Primitive Line Chart in your App with Jetpack Compose – Demo and Code
👉 How to Display an Image in Jetpack Compose – Demo and Code
👉 How to Create Switch using Jetpack Compose – Demo and Code
👉 How to Align Baseline of Two Views in Jetpack Compose – Demo and Code
👉 How to Build a Horizontally Scrollable Carousel – Demo and Code

Various Animations:

👉 How to Implement Ring of Circles Animation as shown below in your App using Jetpack Compose – Video Demo and Code
Ring of Circles Animation with Jetpack Compose
👉 How to Create Shimmering Effect and Circular Reveal Animation with Jetpack Compose – Demo and Code
👉 How to Create Dots Loading Animations with Jetpack Compose –  Demo and Code
👉 How to Create a Swiping Animation like the given in the demo with Jetpack Compose – Demo and Code
👉 How to Make an Animated Circular Progress Bar as shown below using Jetpack Compose – Tutorial
Animated Circular Progress Bar with Jetpack Compose
👉 How to create crossfade animation that can switch between Composables – Demo and Code
👉 How to Add Animations for Insertion or Deletion of a List Item in Compose – Demo and Source Code
👉 How to Create Instagram-like Particles Animation using Jetpack Compose – Demo, Tutorial and Code
👉 How to add StarWar 3D Space Particle Animation with Jetpack Compose for Desktop – Demo and Code
👉 Single Value Float Animation using Compose – Code
👉 How to Make a 3D Animated Drop Down in Jetpack Compose –  Tutorial and Code

Various Layouts:

👉 Scaffold Layout in Jetpack Compose – Demo and Code

Various Effects:

How to Add Swipe to Reveal Effect in your Android App using Jetpack Compose
👉 How to Create Flocking Insect (bird or fish) simulation with Jetpack Compose – Demo and Code

👉 Collection of UIs and Animations Built with Jetpack Compose for Android Applications

In the below-attached github repository, you will learn about

– How to create an interactive parallax effect that rotates around in response to user’s input gesture with Jetpack Compose [Demo]
– How to create an Instagram’s chat UI with chat items gently shifting their background color between Purple (at top) and Blue (at the bottom) depending upon their vertical position with Jetpack Compose [Demo]
– How to create a lil Android trackpad with Jetpack Compose [Demo]
–  How to create a TV with Static effect using Jetpack Compose [Demo]

👉 Another Collection of all Jetpack Compose UI Elements, Layouts, Widgets and Demo Screens to see it’s Potential. Check out Demos, Tutorial and Code from the below-given links

Now, you’re all set to learn Jetpack Compose from examples, tutorials, and small task-based projects. We hope that these examples and tutorials made by industry experts and intermediate android developers will be helpful for you. Stay tuned with us because something more exciting is coming related to Jetpack Compose for Android. And don’t forget to share this curated list of 70+ Android Jetpack Compose Tutorials with your programming friends and other app developers.

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